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Action Packed, Inspiring Day!

This is going to be a full on, information packed blog. Today has got to be one of, if not the best day of my career. It had everything, fun, dancing, emotional moments and a look to the stars. Let’s call this section an abstract. The day started earlier than usual, we were up at […]

St Mary’s Students Thoughts so far…

I am very aware that the blog has documented how I feel about the programme and the impact it has had on myself. However, the students from St Mary’s have grown immeasurably. I have asked some of them to put together their thoughts on what impact the trip has had on them. Tom Brady – […]

Sport Transcends Everything…

Sawubona! Welcome to the next installment of the blog! Today has all been about consolidating the work done with the South African leaders ready for the festival tomorrow. A nice breakfast and a packed lunch and we were on our way. We went straight to Eshowe High School to pick up their four leaders and […]

Teaching and Football Shirts

The next four days of the trip signal a return to the main purpose of the project. The development of leadership and inspiring students and staff through sport and education. There was a real buzz around the breakfast table this morning as we knew we were returning to Mnyakanya to carry on with our work. […]

Buffalo Selfie!

Sawubona! No monkey wake up call this morning! Just the standard iPhone alarm and tired eyes at 4:30am! With the van packed full of people and food we set off for the day at around 5am to make our way to the Game Reserve. It didn’t take long for the noise in the van to […]

A Monkey Wake Up Call…

Sawubona Welcome to the weekend! No need for an alarm clock this morning, I was woken in surreal circumstances. I was stirred from my sleep by a constant scratching and tapping on the roof of my room. Ever the inquisitive person I am, I went outside to investigate the source of the noise. Much to […]

Stunning Views and Mnyakanya High School

Well what an amazing day! From start to finish! I am pleased to say that the electric did come back on at 3:30am! I wish that I hadn’t have left the lights on in my room! The view at dawn from the guest house was simply stunning and really showcases what a beautiful country South […]

The Long and Winding Road

As I write I am sat in my room in Eshowe being lit by the camera flash on my phone. More on that later, plenty of politics in play in South Africa at the moment! I last left you on the plane from Manchester to Dubai. Travelling has all been about the 20 min power […]

From 52,000 feet!

Well it’s on, it’s happening and there is no turning back now! As I write (11:48), we are 3 hours into the first flight from Manchester to Dubai. My Dad would be quite proud as I am listening to a mix of Dire Straits and Chris Rea to get me in blog writing mood. The […]